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Welcome to Apace International Group !! 

The Apace International Group of companies has grown up with the Nepal, & while the best known for the immigration consultants services for skilled worker all over the world. It is globally recognized through it's involvement in fields of Immigration, travels and tourism industry, Consultancy Services, builder & construction, real estate, international, national  job placement, career development and vocational educational training courses.
 One of the Nepal's most respected and successful business firms.The Apace International Groups today operates in the  National and International Markets. The highly qualified, longed experienced and expertised professional multi-national team, consisting of hundreds employees is continuing grow in line with plan expansion. As the globalization of economies, societies and cultures, nations become more integrated through networks of exchange, international business development and global strategic management continues to evolve. Global firms that employ business development professionals in multiple locations who share exactly the same body of knowledge, ethics, practices, and standards benefit from a shared body of knowledge and ethics. Our companies are well positioned for growth, as are the societies in which we operate.